Pre-Order terms

不論你經任何方式向本店購買貨品, 包括Whatsapp,Facebook, wechat及網站落單, 即代表你明白及同意此預訂條款的所有內容, 如有任何爭議, 均以本條款內容為依據。

如果您對我們網站上特定產品的尺寸或狀況有任何疑問,請在提交購買產品前發送電子郵件至 或 Whatsapp +852-5598-3298 進行查詢。

  • 由於所有預訂均根據客人的要求,款式、顏色及尺碼等進行預訂,因此不會提供任何退換貨服務。
  • 所有訂單經付款確認後,除非經我們書面作實,否則均不能作出任何修改。在任何情況下,所有已付款確認的訂單均不能取消。
  • 本網站所提供的預訂圖片只作參考,所有貨品均以實際出貨為準,我們不會接受任何退換貨申請。
  • 供應商缺貨
  • 款式/尺碼或顏色與訂單不符
  • 重大損壞,導致產品無法發揮其原有功能 (如果只屬於一般產品瑕疵,包括膠水漬,線頭等,或因快遞運輸而導致包裝出現缺陷,不能作為退換貨的要求。


Flash line 保留對所有預訂貨品的最終決定權.

最後更新 : 2021年9月15日 


No matter what you purchase from our store by any means, including Whatsapp, Facebook, wechat and website orders, it means that you understand and agree to all the contents of this booking terms. If there is any dispute, the contents of these terms will be the basis.

If you have any questions about the size or condition of a specific product on our website, please send an email to or Whatsapp +852-5598-3298 for inquiries before submitting the purchased product.

In the following special circumstances, our store will refund or exchange the full amount for the customer:

  • Supplier out of stock
  • Style/size or color does not match the order
  • Major damage, resulting in the product unable to perform its original function (if it is only a general product defect, including glue stains, thread ends, etc., or packaging defects due to express delivery, it cannot be used as a return or exchange requirement.

If a refund is caused due to the above case, you will be automatically refunded through the original payment method. Keep in mind that your bank or credit card company may also take some time to process and mail the refund.


Flash line reserves the right of final decision on all pre-order items.

Last updated  : September 15 , 2021